Are you a songwriter who needs a song demo? Lost Pines Studio can provide anything from a simple voice and guitar demo, to a more produced demo, including complete instrumentation. Working with some of the best musicians in the Central Texas area, Lost Pines Studio can provide additional instruments or voice talent on an as needed basis. Production assistance is also available if desired.

Among the services available at Lost Pines Studio:

  • Full multi-track recording services; demos, voice overs, jingles
  • Online overdubs and tracks - E-Sessions
  • Archiving - transfer of tapes and records to CD or other digital media

What Clients Say...

"I've used Bill for numerous projects over the last few years and have always found him to be reliable and professional in every aspect. Having worked with many of the greatest steel guitarists in the business, I expect nothing short of top caliber when it comes to the players I hire for sessions. Bill meets all qualifications. I highly recommend him. He's a great guy, and an even greater player."

- John Beland, Flying Burrito Brothers
March 2011

"Bill Terry delivered high quality tracks in the time frame that I needed. Bill's parts really added flavor and life to my songs, just what I needed."

- Mark Turk, Turk Productions
May 2011
Austin, TX