Have you ever wished you had a guitar player or a steel player that you could get to come in and lay down that last track that will 'make' your song? Many studios may not have access to a local talent pool, and hiring a steel or guitar player to come in from Nashville, Los Angeles or some distant place may be cost prohibitive.

Fortunately, the internet has provided the capability for musicians all over the world to collaborate via 'E-Sessions'. Budget constrained musicians or bands can create quality recordings, and additional tracks can be recorded and exchanged over the internet. This provides virtual access to musical talent from almost anywhere in the world.

If you need a steel guitar, electric guitar or acoustic guitar track, I can provide a cost-effective way for your client or studio to get that track. It's as simple as this:
  • Email a 'reference' stereo mix as an MP3 or other convenient format, along with production comments and a simple chord chart.
  • I import the stereo track into my system and record a steel or guitar part.
  • I export the full quality steel or guitar track to the file format of your choice (usually a 24-bit .wav format)
  • You download the track from my server and import it into your project. (alternate file delivery options are available)